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Lifesaver: Cube Portable Water Filter

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The LifeSaver Cube is a microbiological water filter that uses ultra filtration technology to filter out viruses, bacteria, cysts and parasites from contaminated water sources. It allows you to purify unreliable municipal water supplies, rainwater, water taken directly from lakes, rivers, ponds, and even muddy puddles, allowing you to make thousands of liters / gallons of clean safe water.

The LifeSaver Cube holds up 5 liters of water at any one time is pressurized with a built in hand pump. This pump forces water through the roughly 15 nanometer (0.015 micron) hollow fibre membrane pores of an ultra filtration cartridge and out through the exit nozzle, leaving microbiological contamination behind.  

LifeSaver replacement filters and activated carbon filters are available. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Cube materials and water effluent both BPA and BPS free
  • Filters out bacteria to a minimum of Log 6 (99.9999%)
  • Filters out viruses to a minimum of Log 4 (99.99%)
  • Filters cysts to a minimum of Log 3 (99.9%)
  • Activated carbon filter removes chlorine, taste and odour, improving the palatability of water for up to 100 litres
  • Reduces turbidity of glacial, cloudy or muddy water
  • No measuring, wait times or unpleasant taste like when using chlorine or chlorine dioxide
  • LifeSaver purification devices are pressurized with a built in hand pump, no chemicals or power required
  • Each cartridge filters up to 5,000 liters/1,056 US gallons
  • Exceeds NSF P248 compliance standards by the Independent Test House for virus, bacteria and protozoan cyst reduction by the US Army Public Health Center (MEDCOM)
  • Cube capacity of 5 liters/168 oz
  • FailSafe technology will stop the flow of water once the cartridge has reached it's capacity
  • Includes LifeSaver Cube, manual, maintenance pack (1 protective cartridge cap and 5 spare o-rings), and a single activated carbon filter
  • 2-year Manufacturer's warranty

Caring For your LifeSaver:


Once primed, keep the membranes of the filter hydrated by storing at least 1 inch/2.5 cm of water in the LifeSaver product at all times. Remove and discard the activated carbon filter from the Cube and clean the Cube. Keep the product sealed with the pump and tap in place and do not allow the membranes to dry out. Release pressure before storage by unscrewing the pump slowly until you hear a hissing sound. Storage temperatures should stay within -10°C/14°F and 50°C/122°F.

We recommend storing dirty water, either in the Cube or in other storage containers, and filtering through the Cube as and when clean water is required, to prevent recontamination of previously filtered water.

LifeSaver activated carbon filters come with a shelf life for up to 3 years. We recommend storing them in the packaging they arrived in or use an airtight container or plastic bag (dependent on the quality of the container/bag being fully airtight). LifeSaver activated carbon filters sealed in their aluminium barrier foil have a shelf life of 10 years from the date of sale.

LifeSaver Filters have a minimum 3 year guarantee from the point the customer purchases it from an approved retailer or channel partner, not from the date of manufacturer. In good storage conditions (out of direct sunlight and extremes of humidity and temperature) and in the original packaging the product shelf life can be extended beyond 5 years. LifeSaver Filters sealed in their aluminium barrier foil have a shelf life of 10 years from the date of sale. Unused, the minimum storage temperature is -10°C/14°F and the maximum storage temperature is 50°C/122°F.


If you will be flying with your LifeSaver, first release the pressure from the LifeSaver product. Unscrew the pump slowly until you hear a hissing sound. Hold on to the pump firmly whilst unscrewing. Drain off any water and re-seal ensuring the pump is screwed back in place. Pack securely in the hold or within hand luggage to protect the product from impact. Pour 1 inch/2.5cm of water into the vessel when arrived at your destination.

What Can't LifeSaver Remove? 

LifeSaver Technology is able remove particles in suspension in water, not particles in solution. This means that some things will not be filtered out of your LifeSaver:

  • LifeSaver water filters are not suitable for filtering brackish or salt water
  • Pesticides and Heavy metals will not be filtered out. However, optional activated carbon filter removes chlorine, taste and odour
  • LifeSaver water filters are not suitable for grey water as they cannot filter out soaps and detergents in solution
  • LifeSaver water filters will filter out the microcystin (blue-green algae) bacteria but not the toxins and chemicals that the bacteria secretes in water
  • LifeSaver water filters will remove microbiological contamination from urine, however as there is a certain amount of salt which cannot be removed
  • LifeSaver is designed to filter water only and is not designed for filtering sugared or carbonated drinks, alcohol or any other liquids


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