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About Us

Our Mission is to fulfill the adventurous soul and inspire a deeper love of nature through overland adventure travel.

Take the Road Less Travelled

Vancouver Island Roof-Top Tents offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience British Columbia’s world-renowned backcountry up close, through our sales and rentals of roof-top tents and overland equipment. Connect with the great outdoors and, most importantly, each other.

We’re a family owned-and-operated outdoor adventure retailer, located near Victoria on Vancouver Island. Our product lines can be shipped anywhere in Canada.

Our passion for outdoor adventure lies at the heart of everything we do, and we’re driven to share our knowledge so that more people can experience the magic of what the B.C. backcountry has to offer. We also own and operate FarOut Wilderness, which specializes in overland vehicle rentals and building adventure travel itineraries for all of British Columbia.

At Vancouver Island Roof-Top Tents, our goal is to help you find the perfect overland gear options to fit your needs. We also offer roof-top tent rentals, which allow you to try before you buy!

Our Story

Adventure is at the heart of our marriage. We first met when we were both on separate excursions in Malawi, Africa.

Overlanding is a popular pastime in Southern Africa. When you’re out in the bush, you have no choice but to be self-reliant. The vitality of the experience is intoxicating. It kept us going back for more.

After close to 10 years living in Malawi, we travelled extensively. We learned that our most memorable experiences came when we had the freedom to go deep, and explore at our own pace.

On a one-way road trip from Malawi through Zambia to Botswana, the dream of owning a wilderness adventure travel company was born. That was the first step toward Vancouver Island Roof-Top Tents and FarOut Wilderness.

In 2014, we founded our first company in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. Soon, the FarOut brand was born. It grew to an operation that employed more than 20 Malawians and had contracts with tourism operators and agricultural businesses. We sold it in 2018, when we decided to explore a dramatic change of scenery.

We landed in Vancouver with our first child just a couple of months away from arriving, with three suitcases and three pets in tow. After finding our footing — and getting a chance to start soaking up the incredible natural beauty that B.C. has to offer — we launched FarOut Wilderness in 2019. Vancouver Island Roof-Top Tents followed in 2020.

We’ve always felt most connected when we’re outdoors, with the wind in our hair. Nothing beats a BBQ and a beverage or two at the end of a magnificent day outdoors, sitting around the campfire and putting the world to rights. If we’re done it right, there’s no cell signal, and nothing but the stars and the moon to keep us company!

As we raise our children and enjoy the company of our doggos, we’re working to evolve our businesses and help more people share in the magic of backcountry travel.

We wake up every day knowing that there’s always another adventure to be had. We want to share that spirit, that sense of freedom, that opportunity to reconnect, both with nature and with each other. And we want you to do it with the knowledge that you have the gear that really will go anywhere.

We look forward to helping you turn your adventure dreams into reality!

Sam & Abbie

Meet the Team

Family is at the heart of Vancouver Island Roof-Top Tents.

Sam MorrisOperations Director & Founder

Drawing on years of experience in the tourism sector, Sam is the engine that makes the FarOut brand hum. Originally from the U.K., Sam spent his 20s in Malawi, Africa. Sam isn’t afraid to dream big or venture into the unknown. He has ten versions of every plan and a clipboard that documents it all! Sam’s love for adventure and the B.C. backcountry runs deep. He has developed deep and detailed knowledge of the province’s roads and terrain by self-driving throughout the most remote locales.

Abbie Morris: Marketing Director & Founder

Abbie seeks outdoor adventure at every opportunity. Since her first expedition to Uganda at the age of 16, she has wanted to share her passion for exploring with others. Having worked internationally for more than 10 years, Abbie relishes opportunities to connect with people from all around the world, listening to their stories and sharing in their passions. With a curious mind and a keen eye for detail, Abbie loves nothing more than putting Sam’s planning to the test!

The Offspring: Support Crew & Lifetime Adventure Buddies

One is two-legged and the other two have four legs. This is the crew that tests the routes, the gear and Sam and Abbie’s sanity! Phoebe is our newest addition. She’s proving every day that overland travel is the best way to adventure when there’s a little bean in the picture. As for Roxy and Mav, they’ve travelled far and wide with us, bringing love to the office, laughter to the beach and warmth to the campfire. As long as they have their ball and a warm bed at night, they’re forever loyal.

Our Values

  • Adventure Together: We learn from one another. We are curious together.
  • Deliver Quality: We take the time to drill down on the details.
  • True to Ourselves: We are down to earth. We are real.
  • Passionate: We are energized and motivated because we love what we do.
  • Keep Safety First: No compromises. We’ve got you!